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Trade Unions

Registration of trade combinations as Trade Unions

I. Meaning ofvtrade union” in this Act.
2. Unregistered trade unions prohibited from functioning.
3. Application for registration of trade union.
4. Matters to be provided tor in registered rules.
5. Procedure on receipt of application for registration.
6. Restrictions as regards names of trade unions.
7. Cancellation of registration.
8. Proceedings on appeal against refusal or cancellation of registration.
9. Compulsory dissolution of trade union in certain circumstances.
10. Voluntary dissolution of trade union.

General provisions affecting trade unions

11. Members of armed forces, police, etc., prohibited from ‘forming or joining trade union.
12. Membership of trade union not to be restricted on discriminatory grounds.
13. Persons convicted of certain offences disqualified from holding office in a trade union.
14. Restriction on the number of trade unions of which a person may be an official.
15. Trade union dues not to be applied for political purposes.
16. Trade union funds not to be used for certain proceedings.
17. Deduction from wages of union members.
18. Payment of trade union dues to the Federation of Trade Unions.
19. Injunction to restrain misapplication of funds of trade union.
20. Membership of persons under 21 years of age.
21. Registered oflice of trade union.
22. Copies of rules to be sold on demand.

Benefits of registration

23. Trade unions not unlawful as such.
24. Prohibitions of actions in tort against trade unions.
25. Recognition of registered trade union obligatory.
26. Right of member to nominate recipients of sums of payable on death.
Change of name, merger, and alteration of rules of trade unions
27. Change of name of trade union.

28. Merger of trade unions.
29. Alteration of rulers of trade unions.


Federations of Trade Unions

30. Formation of Federation of Trade Unions.
31. Admission of further trade unions to membership of registered federation.
32. Application of certain provisions of Part I to Federations of Trade Unions at a time.
33. No person to hold office in more than one Federation of Trades Unions at the same time.

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