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I. Establishment of Social Development division.

  1. Duties of the di vision.
  2. Establishment, functions and composition of National Advisory Committee for Social Development.
  3. Interpretation.
  4. Short title.

An Act to establish a Social Development division of the Ministry of Employment Labour and Productivity and to define its duties.

[1974 No. 12.1

[28th February, 1974]


1. Establishment of Social Development division

(1) There shall be established as an integral part of the Federal Ministry of Employment Labour and Productivity a division to be known as the Social Development division
(in this Act referred to as “the division”).

(2) The division shall exercise the functions specified in section 2 of this Act and such other functions relating to social welfare and development in the Federation as may
be specified from time to time by the Minister.

(3) The division shall consist of a Director of Social Development and such other supporting staff as may be required for the purposes of the performance of the duties of
the division.

(4) The Director and other officers of the division shall be members of the public service of the Federation (within the meaning of the Constitution of the Federal Republic
of Nigeria, 1999).

2. Duties of the division

The division shall, subject to this Act, be charged with responsibility for the following matters, that is to say-

(a)       co-ordination of inter-governmental and inter-state social development activities;

                   (b)       conduct of research and surveys in various aspects of social development;

 (c)       training of professional social workers and the organisation and co-ordination
of training facilities for governmental and non-governmental social agencies;

(d)       international casework and adoption inquiries;

(e)         promotion of legislation at the national level on matters affecting social development;

(f)        conduct of all international matters affecting social development;

(g)        relations with voluntary organisations at national and international levels;

(h)       overseas and national repatriations;

(i)        organisation of national youth activities;

(j)        National Relief and Rehabilitation Agency;

(k)        National Advisory Committee for Social Development; and

(l)        development of sports.

3. Establishment, functions and composition of National Advisory Committee for Social Development

(1) There shall also be established a committee to be known as the National Advisory Committee for Social Development (in this Act referred to as “the advisory committee”)
which shall meet from time to time for the purpose of deliberating on matters relating to social development and tendering advice thereon to the Minister.

(2) The advisory committee shall consist of the following-

(a)       the Director of Social Development;

(b)       the Chief Welfare Officers or Chief Social Development Officers in each of

the States of the Federation;

(c)        two representatives of the National Youth Council;

(d)       one representative of the National Council for Social Work;

(e)        one representative of the National Council of Women’s Societies;

(f)        one representative of the National Sports Commission;

(g)       one representative of the Nigerian Legion;

(h)       two representatives of higher institutions of learning; and

(i)        two other persons with experience or qualification in social development matters.

(3) All appointments under paragraphs (c) to (i) of subsection (2) of this section shall be made by the Minister.

(4) Members of the advisory committee other than those appointed under paragraphs (a) and (b) of subsection (2) of this section shall hold office for such period, not
being less than twelve months, as the instrument of appointment may provide.

(5) The advisory committee shall meet at such times and places as the Minister may direct, but in any case not less than once a year.

(6) The quorum for meetings of the advisory committee shall be seven.

  1. Interpretation

In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires-

“the advisory committee” means the National Advisory Committee for Social Development established by section 3 of this Act;

“the division” means the Social Development Division established by section 1 of this Act;

Minister” means the Minister charged with responsibility for Employment Labour and Productivity.

  1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Social Development Act.


No Subsidiary Legislation

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