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An Act to establish the National Commission for Rehabilitation and to provide for other matters in connection therewith.

[1969 No. 41.]

[Commencement.] [8th October, 1969]

1. (1) There is hereby established a body to be known as the National Commission for Rehabilitation.(2) The Commission shall be a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal.The Commission
2. (1) The functions of the Commission shall be-(a) the supply of food, clothing, drugs and other essentials to needy persons in areas affected by the war and its aftermath;(b) the determination of priority for all emergency relief operations and rehabilitation work in all parts of the Federation;(c) the coordination of the activities of all voluntary agencies engaged in emergency relief operations and rehabilitation work and the facilitation of the field operations of those agencies in all parts of the Federation;(d) the coordination of the activities of the States in the administration of properties abandoned by displaced persons in the Federation;(e) the collection and distribution of emergency relief supplies of food, drugs and other humanitarian gifts from foreign governments and from international and non-governmental agencies; and(f) the receipt of financial and technical aid through the appropriate Federal Ministries (that is to say, the Federal Ministry of Finance and Economic Development in the case of grants and loans and technical assistance).(2) The appropriate authority may make regulations (which shall be published in the Federal Gazette) regulating the exercise of the functions of the Commission.(3) Subject to any regulations made under subsection (2) of this section, the Commission may delegate the exercise of any of its functions to the Nigerian Red Cross Society or to any other body or person approved by the appropriate authority.(4) The Commission may in the exercise of its functions give general directives to any relief agency if it is satisfied that it is in the national interest to do so; and the agency and its servants or agents shall comply with any such directives.Functions
3. The Commission shall consist of the Minister with responsibility for rehabilitation who shall be the chairman and-(a) one member to represent each State;(b) one member to represent each of the following Federal Ministries, that is; (i) Finance; (ii) Health; and (iii) Labour; and(c) not more than six other members.Composition
4. (1) Subject to this section, members of the Commission other than the chairman shall be appointed by lhe appropriate authority.(2) Before appointing a member of the Commission to represent a State, the appropriate authority shall consult the Governor of the State.(3)Any person may be appointed a member of the Commission pursuant to section 3 (c) of this Act, so long as he is not a public officer and is in the opinion of the appropriate authority suitable for membership.Appointment of members
5. (1) Subject to this Act and any regulations made thereunder, the Commission may regulate its own proceedings.(2) The validity of any proceedings of the Commission shall not be affected-(a) by any vacancy in the membership of the Commission; or(b) by any defect in the appointment of any member; or(c) by reason of the fact that a person not entitled to do so took part in the proceedings.Proceedings
6. (1) The Commission shall establish and maintain a fund from which shall be defrayed all the expenses of the Commission.(2) There shall be paid or credited to the fund-(a) such sums of money as may be provided for the Commission by the Federal Government; and(b) all other monies received by the Commission.(3) The fund shall be managed in accordance with directions given by the appropriate authority; and, without prejudice to the generality of the power to give directions conferred by this subsection, the directions shall in particular contain provision-(a) specifying the manner in which the assets of the fund are to be held and regulating the making of payments to and from the fund;(b) requiring the keeping of proper accounts and records for the purposes of the fund in such form as may be specified by the directions;(c) securing that the accounts are audited periodically by the Auditor-General of the Federation; and(d) requiring copies of the accounts and of the report of the said Auditor-General for the Federation on the accounts to be furnished to the appropriate authority as soon as may be after the end of the period to which the accounts relate.Financial Administration
7. (1) The fixing of the seal of the Commission shall be authenticated by the signature of the chairman or any other member of the Commission authorised in that behalf.(2) Any contract or instrument which, if made or executed by a person not being a body corporate, would not require to be under seal, may be made or executed on behalf of the Commission by any person generally or specially authorised by the Commission to act for that purpose.(3) The seal of the Commission shall be judicially noticed and any document purporting to be a document duly executed under the seal of the Commission shall be received in evidence and, unless the contrary is proved, be presumed to have been so executed.Common Seal
8. The Commission shall furnish to the appropriate authority as soon as may be after the end of each financial year a report on the activities of the Commission during that year, and shall furnish such interim or other reports as the appropriate authority may call for.Annual report, etc.
9. Subject to any regulations made under section 2 (2) of this Act, the Commission may in connection with the exercise of its functions-(a) acquire, build, equip or maintain offices or other premises, and for that purpose buy or take on lease any land; and(b) sell or lease any land, offices or premises held by it pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section.Additional powers
10. Any person who-(a) fails to comply with any directive with which he is bound to comply by virtue of section 2 (4) of this Act; or(b) otherwise obstructs or interferes with the Commission or any of its servants or agents in the exercise of its functions, shall be guilty of an offence and on conviction shall be liable to a fine not exceeding N1,000 or to imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years or to both.Offences
11. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires- “appropriate authority” means the President; “chairman” means the chairman of the Commission; “Commission” means the National Commission for Rehabilitation as established by this Act; “State” means a State of the Federation.Interpretation
12. This Act may be cited as the National Commission for Rehabilitation Act.Short title
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