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  1. Prohibition of importation of certain goods.
  2. Offences, penalty, etc.
  3. Short title.



An Act to provide for the prohibition of importation into Nigeria of certain food-
stuffs especially those contaminated by toxic substances, and the penalty for the contravention of the said prohibition.

[1989 No. 36.]

[7tDecember, 1989]


  1. Prohibition of importation of certain goods

Notwithstanding anything contained in the Customs, Excise Tariff, etc. (Consolida-
tion) Act or in any Act or other enactment (including any statutory instrument or order),
the goods specified in the Schedule to this Act shall be absolutely prohibited from being
imported into Nigeria either by way of trade or otherwise.

[Cap. C49. Schedule.]

  1. Offences, penalty, etc.

(1) Any person who brings, causes to be brought, induces any other person to bring
or attempts to bring into Nigeria any of the goods specified in the Schedule to this Act
shall be guilty of an offence and liable on conviction to imprisonment as stipulated in
section 2 of the Export (Prohibition) Act.

[Cap. E22. Schedule.]

(2) In addition to the penalty specified in subsection (1) of this section-

(a)      the goods, as well as any vehicle, vessel, aircraft or other thing whatsoever
used in connection with the importation;

(b)        all the assets, movable or immovable, including motor vehicles, of any person
convicted of the offence,

shall be forfeited to the Federal Government.

(3) Any customs officer or other person who aids, counsels, procures, or conspires
with any other person to commit an offence under this section, shall be guilty of an of-
fence and liable on conviction to the same punishment as prescribed for the offence under
subsection (1) ofthis section.

(4) An offence committed under this Act shall be triable by the Federal High Court.

3Short title

This Act may be cited as the Import (Prohibition) Act.


[Sections 1 and 2.]

Goodsthe importation of whicis absolutely prohibited

  1. Meat (whether frozen or not).
  2. Chicken (whether frozen or not).
  3.    Fish (whether frozen or not except those caught and landed by vessels licensed and
    authorised by the appropriate Nigerian Authority).
  4. Expired food products (whether in can or any other packages).
  5.    All imported foodstuff items (including fruits and vegetables) for which the Minister of
    Health or the Director-General of the Federal Environmental Agency has issued a certificate of contamination with any toxic or nuclear substance or any other harmful waste as defined in the Harmful Waste (Special Criminal Provisions, etc.) Act.

[Cap. H1.]



No Subsidiary Legislation

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